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The cornerstone of our Health Program is our 3-D Body Scan and customized blood testing. We are able to get an accurate, in-depth look at your body functions and risk factors from internal organs to brain function.

Generates 3-D modeling images of organs in less than 5 minutes. The 3-D Body Scan is non-invasive and uses no radiation or ultrasound in identifying premature aging factors and root cause of disease.


The 3-D Body Scan looks at every major organ and body system; including digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system. Shows brain function, hormone and insulin levels including vitamin, mineral and enzyme deficiencies.  Also offers Biofeedback treatment.


The unique feature of the 3-D Body Scan is that it is the only procedure known to actually measure function and risk factors for your body systems. It can detect over 200 parameters of the human body, with an amazing 87% accuracy.

Before reaching the U.S. market-place, the 3-D Body Scan was calibrated using over 20,000 clinical study tests from individuals and subsequent tests from patients with a wide-variety of pathologies.


What is a 3-D Body Scan?

The 3-D Body Scan is one of the most powerful risk-assessment tools currently available. It is designed to give the patient a detailed evaluation of body functions. It has four FDA approved technologies in one: Pulse Oximetry, Body Composition and Galvanic Skin Response Devices; all in one specifically designed software.

What Does it Do?

By using this medical software, we are able to get results in less than 5 minutes that would usually take an hour. Cap Pulse Oximetry and Heart rate Variability.

After your scan, your data will be analyzed by the software. Your results will be compared with a large database to produce an accurate evaluation of your current health status.

What Information

Do I Get?

This scan is designed to give the patients and their physicians an idea of what action needs to be taken or if other clinical tests may be needed, saving time, money and worry.


Aging starts from the inside out, actually from within the cells. Everyone knows that they are different. Therefore, the silent processes inside your body that makes you age faster are also unique. Did you ever wonder what makes some people age faster? How can you slow down, delay or stop these processes? Do you know that 95% of all silent aging processes can be easily reversed without medications or surgery? The 3-D Body Scan can determine these silent processes inside your body. For some it can be just lack of specific vitamins and minerals or certain food items, for others, it may be organs and body systems. Knowledge is power. You are as old as your oldest system or organ.


After your scan, you will know what makes you unique and how you can make the right choices for optimal health.

Additional information about the software:

This 3-D Body Scan combines the bio-impedance (analysis of conductivity and electrical resistance in tissues) with pulse oximetry and heart rate variability device. This software provides valuable information on the status of living tissues. The information and results of this software do not substitute conventional laboratory tests and other necessary medical tests.

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