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The unique feature of the 3-D Body Scan is that it is the only procedure known to measure function and risk factors for your body systems. It can detect over 200 parameters of the human body, with an amazing 87% accuracy. It is comprehensive and accurate for determining what is really going on inside your body. This test gives correct, detailed information so your Health Practitioner can treat your health condition as successfully as possible. This complex form of bio-impedance testing can often reveal disease patterns before symptoms manifest. The scan is also an effective tool to monitor before & after treatments. This can help you evaluate your progress.



• Reasons for Fatigue

• Cardiovascular                System 

• Thyroid Function 

• Weight-Loss Obstacles

• Digestive System 

• Immune System 

• Type II Diabetes

• Organ Vitality 

• Hormone Balance

• Renal Disorders

• Prostate Disorder 

• Erectile Dysfunction 

• Food Sensitivities

• Nervous System 

• Inflammation 

• ADHD & Depression

• Brain Neurotransmitters


• PTSD (Post Traumatic      Stress Disorder)

• Plus many more

You will receive a comprehensive written report that will outline the results of your scan. It will also include an explanation of terms you may be unfamiliar with. 


The 3-D Body Scan software communicates visually to patients using color-coded body models and graphs. Your 3-5 minute evaluation with results are available immediately. A certified technician spends up to an hour to review and interpret your results and answer your questions. Multiple visit comparisons can be made and graphed to monitor your progress. 


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